2nd DRINK BAND is a polished and entertaining six piece interactive party-dance-show band that performs a wide variety of your favorite dance music (Top 40, R&B, Rock, Funk, Beach, and Motown) from the 70's through current hits.




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No upcoming shows right now. Check back soon!

Message from the Bride (Wedding May 19th 2012)

Thanks to you and the band for everything!!!! We had a blast due to the energy and "feel good" vibe that you and all the members showed the whole night...I will recommend you guys for any and all events :) thanks again for everything - Jessie Jordan


Great Times at Lucky Lou's!

Just wanted to stop by and tell you that you guys threw one helluva party Friday nite up in our joint!! Great music, great people, good vibes all the way around!! Cant wait for you guys to come back and play again!!! Good time had by all! Lucky's ♥ 2nd Drink Band!! :D

testimonial from Lawrence Hague Bar owner "Carolina Tavern"

"Carolina Tavern" bar owner Lawrence Hague "The thesaurus needs to come up with a new adjective for how good you were last night, phenomenal just doesn't do it justice. It was our best night to date and we can't wait to have you back."

testimonial from Shaun Warren of "Best Lake Booking".

The hugest props of all for this Saturday evening have got to go to the 2nd Drink Band. When they came into Twin Oaks, the country act was just wrapping up. There was a birthday party going on for the owners 81 year old father. This hopping party/dance band, had the versatility to do their whole first set catering towards the birthday party, but wowing everyone in the house! I was amazed. 2nd Drink brings the WOW factor to every show. Joy and Heather's vocals are incredible and spot on. They had Twin Oaks buzzing with excitement until the last song. The 2nd DRINK band has it all people. The owner said, "Shauny, if we had this band in here every weekend, there would be no question where to go on a Saturday night!" Best Lake Bookings loves the 2nd Drink! Friday night 2nd Drink will be at the Double Door. Show them some love! They deserve it. THEY ARE PHENOMENAL!

Join us for our 1st gig

Memorial Weekend Kick Off with "2nd Drink Band"

Start your summer off right. Great Food, Tiki Bar , Awesome music , and good times. You cant go wrong when you're sitting(drinking) out under the stars at the LAKE!

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